I write about things that get me excited. This is a very scattered approach and I apologise to everyone.

Five Things. April 17.

Five Things. April 17.


Amy Shark

Somehow, I managed to luck upon tickets at the perfectly tiny Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane a week before the 'Adore's Triple J Hottest 100 success would see these tickets suddenly treble in value.

The opening acts were fantastic, setting up a phenomenal performance from Amy Shark. Walked out of the venue knowing I'm very lucky to have managed to see such an intimate performance before she's quickly upgraded to larger venues. 

Thanks Mel for tagging along!  


Guardians of The Galaxy

I am very opinionated when it comes to comic book films. While I could wax lyrical all day, here's the overview. 


It's laugh out loud funny, looks gorgeous, the action is all of the fun and excitement anything in Zack Snyder's DC is lacking. Is there a plot line? Not really. It felt like not much happened. 

You don't need to be well versed in Marvel lore to enjoy it. Which is refreshing given how heavily dependent on the episodic format super hero films are becoming. 

My mum enjoyed it. You probably will too. 


Rode NTUSB Microphone

Always love a new toy, the highlight of this month strangely being a microphone. 

I know very little about audio, and even less when we get specific on capture/recording/whatever - see, even the lingo confuses me.

This is what I was advised to get for recording a podcast and geez I am glad to have spent the extra dollars. It feels quality heavy, the stand isn't flimsy like a lot of the similarly priced options, and it sounds FANTASTIC. Great bang for buck. 



Where The Suckers Moon; The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign - Randall Rothenberg

I picked up this book after I heard good things about it from Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast. It's incredibly easy to read through this book, which follows Suburu of America's hunt for a new advertising agency, the pitching process and running the campaign.

There are plenty of lessons to take away from this book - particularly if you're in sales like myself - but it an incredibly entertaining story that feels more Mad Men than case study.



Here's the Thing, With Alec Baldwin

Episode - Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Take it Slow in Work and Love

Damn these two are charming. They're hilarious, warm and candid speaking about their 

What I love about this episode, beyond the obvious appeal of listening to Alec Baldwin's voice, is their discussion of how they manage




Marginalising Millenials; A Student Guide

Marginalising Millenials; A Student Guide

Shower- The Ultimate Prefix

Shower- The Ultimate Prefix