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Shower- The Ultimate Prefix

Shower- The Ultimate Prefix

 Beyond the traditional Power Shower


I’ve had a great week which is incredibly surprising because it started miserably. On Sunday, after a weekend spent slaving over uni coursework, I was overcome with an overwhelming feeling that I would not survive until Friday. I’m not usually an anxious person but it looked like I finally succumbing to my ability to over-subscribe to time-heavy commitments. The week was insurmountable and every thing I had learnt in my life was now useless because by Friday I was going to be a weird lady living with thirty cats in a dirty cave in Latvia.

If I didn’t find myself in a country I can only assume still exists and is somewhere in Europe, I would have successfully knocked off everything in my to-do list below.

Got a tattoo (Monday)
Picked up a new motorcycle (Wednesday)
Submitted uni group assignment (Due Tuesday)
Submitted uni individual assignment (Due Thursday)
Six hours of class attendance
Two x personal training sessions
A week of work filled to the point of having no time for an afternoon coffee
Three customer presentations prepared

Surprisingly, I found myself alive, exceptionally well and freshly tattooed on Friday afternoon and feeling like a god damn hero. When I find myself this confident, a regular occurrence due to my alleged self-deification, I often the best way to reward myself is with a shower-beer.

The number of people I have met that have not had or even heard of a shower beer is horrifyingly high. Granted, this number reduced dramatically when I realised Americans call it a Power Shower but that is a ridiculous name that sounds like a cleaning product — sorry Jenna.

The Shower-Beer became a ritual for me when I was a poor under-graduate student living in a residence hall. Canberra is miserably cold, and flip flops were a necessity anytime I had to shower in the communal, co-ed bathrooms. As much as I loved the experience of living on campus, the last thing you ever really want to do is suffer through this jail-like experience. So after playing some sort of sport on a Wednesday afternoon, I jogged back home pulled out a beer, my waterproof speakers and faced the horror that was adjoining showers with a single drain.

It’s a habit. It’s relaxing. I don’t even mind that I could have taken up meditation and probably experienced transcendence by now. I didn’t, so the best I can share with you is my recommendations for drinking alcohol in a shower.


For anytime it’s appropriate to have a beer. Particularly hot afternoons, getting ready to go out, post beach showers, Sunday.

Pro bottle or can both perfectly shaped to keep water out, warm up on a cold day, cool down on a hot day, super relaxing

Cons I dunno, apparently some people don’t like beer? It might not be great for the environment if you drink really slow, but you can cancel that out by eating one less burger a month.


For the non-beer drinker.

Pros all the benefits of the shower beer plus less heavy on hot days, not beer,

Cons not beer

Shower-Cruiser (aka. Shower-UDL)


I’ll admit I’ve succumb to this more than once. Once when I stayed with Mum and there was no other option in the fridge after a Saturday netball win. Once, when it was the week before pay day and Dan Murphy’s were cleaning out some limited edition flavours for $2 each. They were terrible.

For underage drinkers.

Pro nope.

Con its a vodka cruiser, even if you’re eighty you’re going to have your ID checked. Diabetes. Smell will bring back memories of high school.


Okay, if I was to adopt the term ‘Power Shower’ this is what I would apply it to. Go for a run, play some positive tunes and jump in the shower with a coffee. You will feel like

For Tuesday and Thursdays, Post gym session showers before work.


Pro save time, buy more time to spend in the shower, fantastically great way to start a day, non-alcoholic

Con not feasible whilst washing hair. Requires a keep-cup, non-alcoholic


Champagne is For Celebrating. Particularly post sport celebrations, new jobs and good marks.

Pro mini- champagne bottles have all the benefits of the beer bottle but look adorable and look classy.

Con mini-champagne bottles are expensive. High likelihood of hangover. Drinking from a full sized bottle is apparently inappropriate.

Pro tips and learnings

Invest in a shower caddy. Particularly if you have long hair you regularly wash

A stubby holder (koozie) makes it easier to safer for the accident prone (me) to be holding glass bottles in a wet environment and to keep beverages cool in a hot shower

I tried red wine in a sippy cup once but, be it the BPA free plastic or the straw, the wine tasted terrible. Don’t waste your Argentinian Malbec in the shower.

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