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Resolutions to Talk Me Out Of

Resolutions to Talk Me Out Of

Poorly thought through, Irresponsible and Naïve Goals for 2017

I don’t like New Years Resolutions. I spend New Years drinking copious amounts of alcohol, on the back of eating like a king over Christmas, which generally lands after travelling for a bit where I’m, again, eating and drinking like I’m on death row. The chance I would wake up January 1 at all is remote to the point of miraculous. The idea that I would be ready to get back to finding enlightenment and self actualisation on January 2 or even the 5th is stupid.

I do set goals the week before my birthday, usually because I’m having one of those ‘what am I doing with my life’ moments. These are usually pretty broad brush wouldn’t-it-be-nice’s motivated by a need to do something until I figure out what I should do. If anyone knows what the latter actually is, hints are appreciated.

This year though, there are a group of certifiable legends at work holding each other accountable to some goals this year. Graciously, they included me. So I spent some time to stop and think about the goals that I’ve started 2017 with, that are also the least likely to change.

January 3. For Reference.

Smash my MBA marks

I could write a separate article on the hate I’ve encountered on doing my MBA at all from the below groups

  • Friends astounded by how much debt I’ve accrued after paying off my original HECS debt — I’m young, unattached and perceive myself to be a decent investment.
  • Friends in the start-up space espousing “why? Universities need to be uberised/disrupted” — I welcome any improvement, but I get enough value from studying in it’s current state.
  • Friends that don’t get why I’d sign up to spend so much time after work reading, referencing and writing. — Look, I don’t have a real good answer to that.

At the end of the day, I love it, I get a lot out of it. It’s given me perspective outside of the ping-pong playing, work from home corporate culture’s I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in. I’ve met amazing people with incredible insight and experience. I’m always up for a debate so any academic discussion gets me a bit excited. Realistically I’m very aware of the fact I would never teach myself a lot of this stuff if I was left to my own devices.

When what you put in reflects what you take out, marks are a simple way to hold myself accountable to making the most of this opportunity.

Plus, as Batman says “a good education is the one thing not even the smartest crook can steal from you”.

Work out more

“Everyone says that”. I know, I know. But I’ve put on six+ kilo’s after moving cities, starting a new job, starting a new post-grad course and the end of sport seasons. General change and lack of routine leads to poor decision making on my part. In April last year I could play two games of sport on a Saturday, after a night spent drinking in Newtown, then back up for a half marathon on Sunday. Now I would struggle with any one of those days in isolation.

I did learn not to run hungover after the second time. I’m also a teeny bit competitive. Saying I struggle to do this I mean to do this as well as I feel I need to.

So below is where I need to be back to…

  1. Box jump 90cm for a set of 8
  2. 1 Hour 55 Min Half Marathon
  3. Clean Chin-Up

My PT wanted to know why I wanted to get fit. For me it’s a fear of missing out on some hypothetical, spontaneous opportunity. If someone pulls out of a Spartan Race and offers to transfer their entry or if I find a half-marathon trail run in Hawaii that coincides with a trip — I want to be able to give it a damn good shot on a moments notice.

Go to an unreasonable number of concerts

I’m not playing team sport this year which is for me a very, very painful decision. I couldn’t commit to regular training between work and studies so for once I’m making a decision based on recognising a lack of capacity. Which is progress I guess, as bitter as I am about it.

2017 is the year of getting shit done. There are sacrifices I’m making as part of that, but I need something to look forward to and balance out the “sorry guys, I’m staying in to study/work/run/sleep”.

I love music. I love spending too much money on band t-shirts. I love enjoying concerts with friends. I love anywhere that I can wear black jeans, R.M’s and a t-shirt. For everything I’m committing to do this year, I’m going to an equally absurd and financially unsustainable number of concerts. In most cases with friends and when the need arises, on my lonesome.

I don’t know if that’s weird, but no one in Brisbane could or would go see Nick Cave with me.

He grabbed my hand as he sung Stagger Lee, which alone makes this the best NY Resolution ever.

Resolutions that didn’t make the list — A.K.A Future Amy’s Problems

Save for/buy a house

Anyone trying to convince me on this point simplifies owning a house as

Renter pays rent. Rent covers mortgage. House value appreciates. Profit.

It might make financial sense. It might be the responsible thing to do. But no thanks. Investment properties are work. I don’t want to worry about managing one anytime soon. I don’t know where I will be living in the not too distant future. Filling out taxes are already complicated enough. I’d rather have avocado on toast and my coffee made by a handsome barista on Saturday mornings. Probably because living in Sydney destroyed any motivation to save for a deposit for a place I couldn’t live in.

Right now, I am more than happy buying a motorbike to get me into trouble, and post grad studies to keep me out of it.

Drink less coffee

Piss off. Coffee is great. Coffee is always there for me.

Tea is only for when the coffee machine is out of order.

Mindfulness (yoga, meditating, colouring pictures)

No thank you. Maybe this reflects poorly on my temperament or mental capacity but none of this is enjoyable. Call mindfulness ‘paying attention to what you’re doing’ and I’ll tell you I need to be running or riding a motorcycle to get that zen.

I’ve read all the opinions, science and advice, but I’m putting this in the maybe next year pile again in 2017.

Learn to play my guitar

I could do this, or I could keep it freshly strung and tuned in the corner of my living room for talented friends and guests to play. I’ll stick to mixing us some drinks.

Develop a personal brand

I’m going to keep littering my feed of (what I think is) quality tech information and news, with comics and Star Wars. I enjoy it so I’m selfishly going to continue it whether you follow me or not.

Time to embrace the fact that not even my Mum thinks I’m cool.

Got your own goals this year? Keen to hear! Selfishly, any advice to get me to mine will be much appreciated x
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