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Playlist: Mirin' The Boys

Playlist: Mirin' The Boys

Songs I owe to good looking men and dickhead ex-boyfriends

“‘I’m into everything’ is a useful indicator of NOPE when it come’s to girls I find.
“Hey! I’m into everything. Except heavy metal, screaming little boys, most EDM, country and certain rap”
“You have opinions, which is more the point”

That text conversation between a friend and I inspired the next playlist. A few of my highly rated, regularly played tracks would not have provided me the entertainment they have if I hadn’t have met or dated some guys. I have a fair few male friends who were intelligent enough to date nicer people than myself, but were kind enough to introduce me to some songs too. Because they’re all super hot they still fit the criteria.

Thanks for the music dudes! Even if some of you are narcissistic beyond belief or will forever be known by a bunch of my friends as ‘The Flake’.

A picture of my last 3 love interests

Anyway, enough about why I’m single and how it’s not my fault. The full playlist is here if you want to read deep into the sort of guys I’ve hung around.


1. The song was discovered or got increased airtime
2. because a guy I find (or found) to be attractive
3. recommended the artist or track

18 Songs, 1 Hour 9 Minutes


Blood Pressure – Mute Math

I had this massive crush on a guy who I drove to work everyday for about 4 months. Within a week of driving with me, he managed to point out that every track on my standard car playlist — then still littered with pop punk — was about sex.

I asked him to recommend me some non-Jesus songs. He jokingly recommended this because ‘one line doesn’t count’.

A Perfect Sonnet — Bright Eyes

Two dates, he was a bit too chilled and creative and I was (am) too intense. Opposites don’t always attract.

But we had a great chat about great song writers who aren’t the strongest singers. After a very heated discussion about Bob Dylan, we could agree on Conor Oberst. This song was top of the list.

Shooting Star – Air Traffic

A British friend with amazing music taste recommended this to me.

His pitch? This is the song he hoped to see his future wife walk down the aisle to. Now that he’s engaged to a beautiful, smart woman I will have to ask if that’s still the plan.

i – Kendrick Lamar

I only went on a couple of dates with this guy. The highlight of which was a date rock climbing, where he mentioned Kendrick Lamar had a new album coming out.

He was pretty enough for me to go have a decent listen to Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, but it took this song coming out to cement a love and appreciation for the legend that is Kendrick.

Diane Young – Vampire Weekend

Good looking guy in my Micro-Economics class at Uni. Total dickhead but he had decent taste in music.

At the time I had a Saab that would have caused me less trouble if I doused it in petrol and set it on fire. This song got a lot of play as a form of therapy.

Do You Love Me? – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

For someone that really loved Nick Cave, he really did a terrible job of selling me on listening to him. Brooding, baritone lead singer with poetic lyrics? Seriously, I was destined to love this band. Alas, for a long time I only ever heard them when I was half asleep in the car or too pissed off to want to listen to something new.

But based on his recommendation, The Bad Seeds discography found it’s way into my extensive iTunes library and as part of a resolution to listen to every one of my 30,000 songs on my iPod Classic (all 87.5 days worth) I fell in love with them.

I now have four of his albums on vinyl which I enjoy listening too even when I’m pissed off.

If You Wanna – The Vaccines

“Does anyone actually listen to The Vaccines or do they just vote for them in the hottest 100 to look cool?”

Answer. He really, really, liked The Vaccines. We had a second date six months later when we forgot how terrible the first one was. This song is great though!

I Need My Girl — The National

Jordan, you’re attractive even if you sometimes don’t know it so don’t argue about whether this meets the criteria.

I only bought a ticket to this show because you mentioned Matt Berninger has ‘one of those deep voices you really get off on’. I’m paraphrasing because it was ages ago.

You were right, that voice is damn sexy and the band make music I listen to a lot. Thanks.

Ain’t that a Kick in the Head- Dean Martin

Ed, my non-biological brother, is the suavest man I know. By a lot. I may be a low-key bogan, but I have a love for Sinatra, Martin, and scotch thanks to his saving influence. All I could provide in exchange is the recommendation of a TV show or two.

Bonus Tracks.

I have fantastic taste. Probably because I was blessed with zero humility. So I included a couple of songs that got additional air time because I played

Bonfire – Childish Gambino

One guy appreciated Gambino, he played it while he cleaned his room. One guy did not. Guess which relationship lasted longer #GambinoGirl4eva

The ‘59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem

The ‘okay now we’re even’ to Jordan’s recommendation of The National. Soundwave Festival (the year escapes me), my sales pitch was “meet me at the stage to see Gaslight Anthem. Bruce Springsteen likes them so you can’t not.”

It worked, he’s a bigger fan of them than I am these days.

At the end of the it, I’m single but I have a fantastic playlist out of it all. And really, isn’t that what we all want? Don’t answer that.

If you have an idea for a playlist you’d like me to build comment below.
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