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Playlist: Folding T-Shirts

Playlist: Folding T-Shirts

I love building playlists. A big part of the reason I prefer Apple Music over anything else is the feeling that I still ‘own’ the music, whatever that means anymore. My playlists are usually built around weird and wonderful things. This week’s started as incredibly mundane.

After travelling for Christmas and then to a camping festival for New Years, I had an unbearable amount of washing to do. Which led to a fair amount of beer and folding. Folding my 9th consecutive shirt I’d picked up at a concert I decided to procrastinate and build a playlist of T Shirts.

T-Shirts I ‘own’ and like

24 Songs. 1 Hr 32 minutes


One song per

  • band t-shirt (I.e. Not a festival or event shirt)
  • Purchased at a live performance
  • I currently have custody of the shirt.

With two sisters in different cities and no concept of ‘borrowing’, the third criteria added a couple of wildcards, but dramatically reduced the length of the playlist.
Also, having just moved there’s a current criteria that in my custody does not extend to shirts vacuum packed in my garage.


Dreaming Again – The Coronas

Good things come in threes, so after picking up tickets to Glen Hansard and Kodaline I needed another Irish band to complete the trifecta. I found The Coronas.
My friends put up with a lot. Including attending concerts based on one song I found in the depths of my iTunes library (thanks Jordan!)
Turned out to be an amazing show and, following a crowd filled with with Irish accents to an Irish pub, and amazing night.

Breezeblocks – Alt J

I bought a then boyfriend an Alt J shirt from a festival I went to. Having no boundaries with wardrobe sharing I bought the shirt that I would wear. We broke up, I lost said access and took that as a perfect excuse to buy my own to remember that time a girl high on shrooms started playing with my hair during this song.

Broken Leg – Bluejuice

Bluejuice was the Aussie band that played every festival year round. I hate that sentence written in past tense. Being that I went to a lot of these, over the years I knew every word to every song despite never sitting down to listen to their song. Except this song, which is still on my ‘Festival Road Trip Playlist’.
Since they’ve broken up, Illy has filled their ‘artist whose set I have to see at every festival’ shoes. Which means I’ll have to pick up a t shirt when I see him, again, in March.

Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran

Sorry Danielle, I found your shirt while unpacking after Christmas.

Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National

I hadn’t listened to The National until my friend told me the lead vocalist had a voice I would die for. So I spent a lot of money on a ticket to a band I hadn’t listened to. This song is the song I looked up to vet.
Thank you Jordan, this band — and shirt — are one of my favourites.

LGFUAD – Motion City Soundtrack

I’ve had this shirt since 2008. It’s been worn to 4 Motion City Soundtrack performances. I ripped a sleeve climbing a wall, for perfectly legal reasons, so it became a muscle tank. I tried burning the sleeves after cutting them to stop them fraying (bad idea) so now its one of those ones with super large arm holes. Never mind, it’s still good.

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car — The Wiggles

The 18+ Wiggles concert was amazing and I will never do it justice in explaining why. Everyone grew up on every song, remembers the lyrics even if they didn’t think they would. They’re all only about 2 minutes so imagine the pure number of hits they smash out in a couple of hours. The crowd was amazing and had just enough beer to dance the choreography to every song. The original four wiggles in a pub, brilliant.
Thank you Elle for providing me fantastic company. Thanks to everyone else who bailed, scalping your tickets in a bidding war outside the show funded my signed Wiggles vinyl and this Ramones-inspired T-Shirt which I wear in public with surprising frequency.

We Call Upon The Author — Nick Cave
I had tickets to see Nick Cave. I decided to extend a trip to the U.S and had to sell my ticket. Devastated, a friend of mine secured me a t-shirt and told me one day I would appreciate this song live.
Now I have something to wear when I finally see Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in two weeks.

Famous – Kanye West

A new job. A trip to Seattle for some training. A quick search to see if there were any concerts I would be interested in.
I don’t care that anytime I wear it people look at me strange (seriously, why do you care?). I don’t care that I lined up for 50 minutes before a show to pay the most I’ve ever paid for a shirt and had to get a size up because by the time I got to the register they were out of small.
Totally worth it. This shirt brings me joy. So does the album. So does this song.

Twice – Catfish and The Bottlemen

I heard a ‘Like a Version’ cover one Friday morning on the radio and bought the album based on this cover. Then the vinyl. Then pre-ordered their next album on vinyl based only on faith that it would be amazing. It was.
I’m writing this while flying to Sydney to take Jen to see CaTF tonight, fittingly then, will have seen this band twice in the space of a week.

Bonus Track I Will Wait – Mumford and Son

II have acquired a Coozie/Stubby Cooler, a jumper and a festival t-shirt with their names as headliners. Mostly from Jenna (thanks Jenna!) who also was kind enough to sit through Kanye for me. Anyway, three times I’ve seen them and alas, no t-shirt. I threw in a song because three technicalities I’ll count for one.

Artists with two tracks

Andrew McMahon — One for Jack’s Mannequin and one for Andrew McMahon.
The Coronas — I wore the first one so much it’s no longer publically acceptable

I am bravely making public the full playlist here.

Have an amazing or odd idea for a playlist? Send it through. Or if you have any old band shirts I’m happy to give them a loving home.

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