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Playlist: F@*! It, Do It

Playlist: F@*! It, Do It

Songs I heard while making objectively terrible decisions that turned out surprisingly well


A third person view of my life at these moments would have had you screaming what the hell are you doing? My family/friends did this quite often, now they tend to just say “oh ok” with a slight raise of their eyebrows.

Criteria for the playlist.

The Song was playing when
1. I made a decision
2. that was not very well thought through
3. had ramifications 2+ months later
4. that I retrospectively evaluate as generally positive

Tracks 18. Length 1 Hour 15 Minutes.


Black Skinhead — Kanye West — “It’ll be easier sober”
I crossed the finish line of a half marathon. at this song was playing. Unfortunately, I can’t say no to a night out so I attempted this, my first, half marathon hung over. Based on the wave of pain, nausea and regret that hit me at kilometre 17/21.1 I was more likely still drunk when I started. 
Want to feel great even though you’re in incredible pain? Have someone drape a medal draped around your neck while listening to a powerful song. 
And that’s how, while queuing for a recovery beer 2 minutes after crossing the line, I signed up for my second half marathon. To be run three weeks later. On a Sunday, after both a game of netball and AFL on the Saturday.

The Outcome. The next race I got a time good enough to qualify for the first batch of runners for the races I’ve run since, and running the next half marathon without being under the influence from a big night before saw me fall in love with running.

Charlie Brown — Coldplay — Dropping out of law school

I only listened to this song because a guy I had a crush on told me he swallowed a bug singing this song out loud during his cycle home from work. I thought that was hilarious, and I took notice of the fact that he mentioned this as a favourite track of his.
So, it was playing in my car with the spiffy MP3 disc playing stereo system when I was leaving work to drive to uni. Then I realised, I would be happier working my ‘retail job’ than working in a law firm. This though then morphed into, holy shit maybe I just really don’t want to work in a law firm. I should add that I did have experience working in this space, and while I enjoyed studying law I really did not want to extend the length of my degree if I could spend some of that time figuring out which of the million other options I would rather pursue instead.

The Outcome. Completely disregarded my dream of being a corporate lawyer wearing a power suit. Recognising I didn’t have to have a career that was a ‘profession’. There’s something quite freeing about finally recognising that it’s not worth ‘security’ and people being impressed if you’re feeling meh about everything

Liquid Confidence — You Me At Six — I was kidding, but now I’m actually moving to Canberra
I once told a joke to one of the managers at work that I was super keen to move to Canberra, our nation’s capital, to go to university. Once every three weeks I’d ask when they were going to get around to opening a Canberra Apple Store so I could transfer there.
After a succession of events, I got an email offering me a place at ANU to study a new course in Business Administration, a room in the residence hall I’d looked at once when I was 17, and
My family were away. I’d had a miserable day at work. I hated the university I was at. An Apple Store was expected to open in about 3–4months anyway. So staring at this email on my iPhone 4, You Me at Six playing on my iMac, I used the pay check I just received to put a deposit on my future accommodation.
Shout out to Niall who hated this band, still let me play them in the car, and ate Ben and Jerrys with me to celebrate the fact I was moving to Canberra in less than a month. 
The Outcome. Two, nearly three, of the best years of my life. A degree, work experience, and a huge number of life lessons. Confidence. Friends that I will love for a lifetime.

Midnight City — M83 — I’m moving back to Sydney

Living in Canberra is great because it’s only 3 hours to drive to Sydney. Which I did. A lot. This song became the token first song of my road trip, particularly when I drove the piece-of-shit Saab, that’s only redeeming feature was that it was a convertible.
I can remember the day I got in the car at Kellyville Netball Courts ready to drive home, and had a very aggressively sudden and certain realisation that I needed to be back in Sydney. I felt ill driving back to Canberra with the overwhelming sensation that this needed to have happened about three months ago and the horrendous guilt of the commitments, and friends I had down south that I would have to, in my eyes, abandon.
The Outcome. People would rather you do what’s right for you than a. have you mercilessly resent them or b. you become and intolerable bitch. Two premierships in two sports. New friends I will love for a lifetime. Becoming closer with old friends who are now family.

Free Fallin — Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — I could totally play AFL
Most of my life decisions are made under the influence of alcohol. I have a tendency to be rather impulsive when drunk which fortunately resulted in fun times, good choices and only one tattoo thus far.
A cute guy with a guitar was playing a cover song in an Irish pub when the topic of conversation somehow landed on Winter Sports. I love everything about that sentence. Almost as much as I love what I uttered next.
“You guys have a chicks AFL team right? I could do that.”
With Uni over, no longer needing to visit a long distance boyfriend, recognising that AFL players are REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING, and my favourite saying being “Always do sober what you agree to whilst drunk”, I really had to back that up. So the next week I attended my first AFL training. Followed the team to the pub for dinner and officially registered for the UTS Shamrocks.

The Outcome. New friends. Realising I felt shit because I was allergic to shit I ate all the time. Becoming a better netballer. Becoming a AFL fan and GWS Giants member. Appreciating the worst feeling in the world. Experiencing a new level of stress and the subsequent greatest feeling of relief ever in winning a premiership in overtime. And THE weekend –a netball and AFL Grand Final on a single weekend with two teams I adored.

La La Lie — Jack’s Mannequin — I need to move out of home, again.
Don’t move out of home unless you are happy never being able to live with your parents again. You can read my article on the questions I ask when staying at home to understand that I’m particularly terrible with this.
I was chilling at a friend’s place, several drinks under my belt, and had a text message from Mum asking when I’d be home. It caused me an irrational amount of frustration, so when I saw a post from an old colleague looking for a roommate I responded ‘shotgun’ as soon as I saw it.
A week later I was living in a house out of a sitcom in Lavender Bay. The kind where you question how people in their early twenties can afford it, and when you look at it you can’t shake the feeling that it was designed for camera angles and drama rather than realism.

The Outcome. Over the next two years I would meet three of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet, one of the worst, and have amazing house parties with even better stories.

Baby Please Don’t Go — Cherlene (From Archer) — Oh God, I really need to quit my job
Usually when I got home from work I went to the gym, or for a run, or to uni — pretty much just something productive and good for me.
Watching Archer on the couch one Thursday afternoon with my painfully handsome housemate, I realised I hadn’t done any of the aforementioned activities that week. Instead, I’d chilled and had smashed through most of my Netflix list. For me, this usually meant I would soon have an abundance of nervous, destructive energy because something wasn’t right. 
The Outcome. Motivation to put some effort into finding a job that would 1. Teach me something 2. Offer career progression and bonus 3. Pay me better.

My False — Matt Corby — Well I guess I could do Brisbane

My advice to friends when applying for a job is to have two beers first and you will be filled with enough confidence to apply for one that challenges you. This is not good advice. At all.
When I realised I needed a new job I was kind of hoping for something local. I overlooked the location of ‘the perfect job description’ because of the above advice, and didn’t realise it was based in Brisbane until the phone interview a couple of days later.
I only vaguely remember listening to this song on my motorcycle in Canberra, but I distinctly remember how happy I was listening to this song. Hearing it while preparing for an interview I was being flown to Brisbane for gave me enough confidence that I could be that happy in a new city again.

The Outcome. I now live in Brisbane. So far so great.

Bonus Track
Peanut Butter Jelly — Galantis — One almond milk latte and a matte black motorcycle please.
This fills the first two criteria currently, plus technically the third seeing as I’ll be paying it off for a bit. The fourth remains to be seen.

So for now, I’m including this song which was playing on my jog into Fortitude Valley on a hunt for coffee one Sunday Morning. I took a left turn and found myself in a cafe that was primarily a custom Motorcycle shop. I’d like to say I slept on the decision to sell my car and go back to only riding a bike, but truthfully I was only delayed by the bank not being open on a Sunday.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to riding my newest expression of geekiness.

Full playlist available here. Sorry if it inspires impulsive decisions.

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